Galaxy Buds | Aged Metal Skins & Wraps

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Textured Material.
  • High Precision.
  • Unique Design.

$15.99 $9.99

If you are here means you want to upgrade the look of your Galaxy Buds with our Galaxy Buds Aged Metal skins. You can change the face of your device as often as you want since we offer a wide verity of skin styles and colors. Purchase of our Galaxy Buds Aged Metal skin will allow you to make your gadget stand out, as they are made specifically to express your personality. But wait-being unique is not the only advantage of Aged Metal skins for Galaxy Buds. We stand behind our product quality by using the best materials available in the industry. In addition to this, as a result of the hard work of our professional team, your Aged Metal skin for Galaxy Buds will be perfectly cut.

We know it’s hard to believe, but MODO skins have only 0.22mm thickness and they are the slimmest and most lightweight wraps you have ever seen. On top of all this, the Galaxy Buds Aged Metal skin will protect your device from scratches, fingerprints and small drops without adding any bulk. Do you want more? Fine, with every Aged Metal skin for Galaxy Buds you are going to experience bubble-free easy installation and go free removal. We know that waiting for your order is the hardest part of the purchase. That is why in MODO we do everything to make shipping of your Galaxy Buds Aged Metal wrap as fast as possible.  We assure you, if you give us a try, we will become your go-to place every time you decide to wrap a device. You will fall in love with our Aged Metal wrap for Galaxy Buds. So, don’t think twice, just click the “Buy” button and leave the rest on us.